Electronic locks for hotels

Perseo offers a wide variety of security solutions ideal for hotels, offices and any type of facility that requires exceptional levels of protection and control.

Within our offer for hotels, you will find models that incorporate state-of-the-art technology, such as electronic access systems, cards, codes and Bluetooth connectivity, as well as cloud-based management software.

Hotel locks

At Perseo we manufacture electronic locks for all hotels, we work with the main hotel chains and we carry out projects for small hotels and tourist apartments.

Our hotel locks are connected to a Perseo Lock System management system, based on RFID technology or radio frequency identification with opening by contactless proximity card and also optionally via bluetooth.

With this technology as a base, Perseo offers different models of electronic locks made of stainless steel and carefully designed to adapt to any environment, thanks to their different finishes.

Perseus electronic locks are complemented by a series of accessories and elements that make access control a complete experience: SmartWay Software which allows manage all locks from the hotel reception, programmable access cards, card encoder, wireless control for audits anywhere in the hotel, energy savers to be installed in rooms or access control devices for common areas using the same technology.

And in addition, not only do we have the most advanced technology in locks for the tourism sector, we also have safes, minibars and all types of accessories of the highest quality.

SmartWay software: the software that manages the entire access control system

Multi-user system for access control and management of BTV Lock System.
integration with PMS

  • Operates certified by Oracle
  • Amadeus, Logus (Libra), etc. via TCP/IP interface
  • Other integral PMS through SDK

Manages check-in and check-out of guests.

Possibility to set opening hours, manage employee shifts and control all actions performed on the locks.

Unique card encryption system for each hotel.

Allows you to install the database on a Windows or Linux server (MSSQL).

It can be integrated with other hotel services, such as management of consumption, TV, safe, etc.

Windows XP or higher.

Possibility of integration with auto ckeck-in kiosks.

BTV proximity cards

BTV proximity cards use RFID technology with encrypted information storage to prevent fraudulent use.

The cards are grouped in different levels to manage access permissions:

  • Master Card: can open all the locks in the system without time limitation, including the deadbolt. It is normally used for emergencies and is in the possession of the hotel manager.
  • Building card: can open locks belonging to an entire building. It is owned by the Chief Executive Officer.
  • Floor card: can open the locks corresponding to a single floor. These cards are held by the cleaning staff. (One card can also open several floors, and opening hours can be set).
  • Guest card: can open the rooms in which the guest is staying, for a certain period of time.
  • Multi-door card: Allows up to 80 doors to be assigned separately.

Multi-purpose cards. Cards can be developed to manage different services, such as door opening, safe, elevator, hotel consumption, etc.

Card personalization available.

Composition of the BTV proximity card

Proximity bracelets

available to suit any need.

Proximity key fobs

As well as bracelets, with the purpose of adapting to any need.

Card encoder

Compact design encoder with automatic card detection.

Proximity card reader and recorder.

Connects to PC via USB connection.

* Model for “Card” and “Card and Bluetooth” versions

Smartway Software Versions / Options


The lock is opened by means of a proximity card with RFID technology.


The lock can be opened via card or Bluetooth and can also be managed via Bluetooth.