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Attention to detail is a key element in the hotel market and among the many elements that contribute to this goal, minibars have always been a prominent feature in hotel rooms, as they make the experience more comfortable and complete.

More than just a miniature refrigerator, the minibar has become a necessary element. And that is why, in Perseus we want to talk about the different types found in hotels, as well as their technology and the value they bring to the guest experience.

The most common types of minibars in hotels and their differences

When it comes to minibars in hotels, a wide range of options are open to establishments according to the preferences of both guests and hotel management. Each type of minibar, whether it is thermo-absorption, absorption or compression, presents particularities that make them stand out in different aspects.

These variants affect performance and image, but they also affect global experience. For example, some models prioritize tranquility and low energy consumption, while others stand out for their speed in cooling products and their ability to maintain a wide variety of drinks and snacks. It is this diversity of options that allows hotels to adapt to the increasingly high expectations of all their guests.

Mini absorption bars

Thermal absorption mini-bars, such as our GLOW, NATURE, SILENCE, WINTER and WINTER GLASS series, use a process involving evaporation and condensation to maintain a cool internal temperature. This type of minibar is known for its quiet operation and low power consumption. Thanks to its compact design makes them ideal for hotel rooms where space is limited.

Absorption minibars

As a similar proposition, mini absorption bars like our ALASKA series employ a liquid absorption system to maintain a cold temperature inside. They are known for their energy efficiency and ability to function effectively even in environments with high ambient temperatures. Hotels seeking to minimize their environmental impact often opt for this type of technology due to its lower energy consumption and its ability to use renewable energy sources.

Compression minibars

If we think of conventional refrigerators that are found in homes in a smaller size, this is the most similar model. They use a compressor to cool the interior of the minibar and keep drinks and snacks at a cool temperature. Although they tend to be noisier than thermo absorption and absorption models, they are known for their efficiency and ability to rapidly cool contents. They are a popular choice for hotels of all types. In Perseo we have two models of compesor type series GLACIER and GLACIER GLASS.

Benefits of each type of minibar in hotel rooms

So, what does a minibar really contribute to the hotel accommodation experience? It mainly offers comfort to those staying as it gives them quick access to drinks and snacks without having to leave their room. This is especially useful for those who prefer to enjoy an aperitif in the privacy of their room.

As for the hotel, an incentive of this investment is the extra income you can get by making an extra charge for use and consumption.

In Perseo we have several series of minibars to choose from, each with some features and functionalities. If you currently need to change them at your hotel or tourist apartments, we invite you to contact us to find out more about each of them. Contact us now!