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In the age of digitalization, hotels are constantly looking for innovations that improve their guest experience and optimize their operations. Smartway Connect is presented as a revolutionary solution in access management, integrating the latest technology. This system, complemented by electronic locks from Perseo, our hotel equipment company and a variety of accessories, promises to transform the way hotels manage security and access to their facilities.

What is Smartway Connect?

It is an advanced access management system designed specifically for the hotel industry. This software allows hotel managers to manage all electronic locks from a single point of control at the front desk. Smartway Connect’s integration with electronic locks and other accessories provides a complete and efficient solution for security and access management.

System Components

  1. SmartWay Software: The core of the system, which manages all locks from the time of receipt. It offers a multi-user system that allows the control and management of BTV Lock System accesses, integrating with PMS such as Opera certified by Oracle, Amadeus, Logus (Libra), among others.
  2. Programmable Access Cards: They use RFID technology for quick and safe opening.
  3. Card Encoder: Device for programming access cards.
  4. Wireless control: Allows audits to be carried out anywhere in the hotel.
  5. Energy economizers: Installed in the rooms, they help reduce energy consumption.
  6. Access control devices in common areas: They use the same lock technology to manage access to different areas of the hotel.

Benefits of our locks and Smartway Connect

  • Security and convenienceElectronic locks, combined with SmartWay software, offer a superior level of security and convenience. Guests can access their rooms quickly and securely using proximity cards or their mobile phones via Bluetooth. This flexibility not only improves the user experience but also simplifies access management for hotel staff.
  • Comprehensive and personalized management: It allows comprehensive management of access, from check-in to check-out of guests. Administrators can set opening hours, manage employee shifts, and control all actions performed on locks. In addition, the card encryption system is unique to each hotel, ensuring additional security.
  • Integration with other hotel systemsSmartway Connect is not only limited to access management. It can be integrated with other hotel services, such as beverage management, TV, safes, and more. This integration offers a more cohesive experience for guests and facilitates the hotel’s day-to-day operations.
  • Optimization of energy consumption: With energy economizers, hotels can significantly reduce their energy consumption. These devices ensure that electricity is used efficiently, automatically turning off lights and other appliances when they are not in use.
  • Compatibility and flexibility: It is compatible with Windows XP or higher and can be installed on Windows or Linux servers. This flexibility ensures that hotels can integrate the system into their existing technology infrastructures without the need to make significant changes.
  • Versions and options: It offers several options to adapt to the specific needs of each hotel:
    • Card: The lock is opened by a proximity card with RFID technology.
    • Card and Bluetooth: The lock can be opened by card or Bluetooth, and can also be managed by Bluetooth.

Smartway Connect represents a revolution in access management for hotels. By combining advanced technology with an easy-to-use interface, this system significantly improves the safety and operational efficiency of hotels. Perseus‘ electronic locks and various accessories complement this solution, offering a complete and secure experience for both guests and hotel staff.

Our company is committed to providing the best technological solutions for the sector, ensuring that each stay is perfect and safe. Contact us to learn more about how we can help transform your hotel with Smartway Connect.