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In hotel rooms it is very common to find small safes that are available to guests so that they can safely store objects of high value or that they consider important and need to have them located and safe.

In Perseo we have different models of safe hotels, each one of them has some characteristics, design and style, being common in all of them, the use of advanced technology and the security they provide.

Now, how does a hotel safe work? Let’s see below details about its operation!

Operation of the hotel safe

To choose a safe you have to take into account several factors, and its operation is one of them. These are designed to be easy to use and offer a high level of security. Most commonly, they are installed in the closet or somewhere else safe inside the room. To access this in most cases there is a security code that can be chosen by the guest or provided by the hotel, this will depend on the hotel policy and the features of the safe itself.

Usually, the mechanism of these safes works with batteries, which ensures that they can continue to work even in case of a power outage or other type of emergencies and unforeseen events. In this same line, almost all have an emergency opening mechanism that allows hotel staff to access the safe in critical situations, such as if a guest forgets their security code.

Types of safes in hotels

In Perseo, we have several models such as the series JAVA, ARUBA, CAPRI, BALI, ALPHA and JAVA TOP. Each one of them with its characteristics, finishes, functionalities and levels of security.

However, we want to talk generically about the different models that can be found in the market. For example, the electronic safe, which is unlocked using a numeric keypad or a touch screen. These safes are usually easy to use and offer a high level of security. Once the correct code is entered and you get to unlock the safe you can already access its contents.

Some can also work with a magnetic card instead of a numeric code programmed specifically for each guest and can only open the safe assigned to that room. Another option is those that have mechanical lock, which is unlocked by a physical key but are not the most used in hotels and tourist apartments.

The most advanced and complex, but also the least frequent, are biometrics, which use the guest’s fingerprint to unlock themselves. They offer an extremely high level of security, as they can only be opened by the person whose fingerprint is registered in the system.

Tips for using safes in hotels

When using a hotel safe, there are several important tips and aspects to keep in mind to ensure the safety of belongings.

First, it is essential to choose a security code that is difficult to guess. There are people who use birth dates or obvious combinations that can be easily deciphered by someone else, which is not favorable in any way.

It is important to ensure that it is properly closed after each use. This means making sure the door is completely closed and the security code is locked.

And most importantly, you need to inquire about the hotel policy in case there is any problem with the safe, as some hotels may include additional insurance to cover any loss or damage that may occur while belongings are stored in these systems.

We hope that this article has been helpful, and if now you are thinking of renovating the safes of your hotel or tourist apartment, in Perseo we will be happy to advise you and inform you about all our models.