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In the hospitality industry, energy savings are beneficial for the environment, adopting practices and technologies that reduce energy consumption and promote sustainability, helps minimize operating costs and improve the guest experience. Here are some strategies and tips for saving energy in your hotel.

 7 tips to save money at your hotel

  • Efficient lighting: Replace incandescent bulbs with more efficient options like LED bulbs. In addition, it uses motion sensors and timers to control lighting in common areas and rooms.
  • Climate control: Implement energy management systems that adjust the air conditioning of rooms automatically based on occupancy and outside temperature. In addition, it offers guests the option to reuse towels and sheets to reduce the laundry burden.
  • Minimize elevator use: Encourage guests to take the stairs whenever possible and consider turning off elevators during off-peak hours to reduce energy consumption.
  • Efficient appliances: Opt for energy-efficient appliances such as refrigerators and minibars with advanced refrigeration technology that minimize energy consumption without compromising performance.
  • Smart Daylight Control: Install daylight sensors that automatically adjust artificial lighting based on available natural light, thus reducing energy waste during the day.
  • Turn off equipment in standby mode: Educate staff to completely turn off equipment and devices when not in use, rather than leaving them in standby mode, which still consumes power.
  • Staff Training: Train staff on energy efficiency practices and the importance of conserving natural resources. In addition, it fosters an internal culture of energy conservation.

Energy-efficient appliances to save energy in your hotel

Minibars are essential elements in most hotels, since their operation can represent a very low energy consumption, in our hotel equipment company we can help you choose the most sustainable ones. There are minibars with highly efficient refrigeration technology that offers significant savings compared to more traditional models. These minibars use electric heat exchangers that require no fans or moving parts, making them completely quiet and minimal maintenance.

The intelligent temperature control system ensures that the minibar only consumes the energy needed to maintain the desired indoor temperature, resulting in considerable energy savings for the hotel. By opting for energy-efficient appliances like these, hotels can reduce their environmental footprint and improve their profitability in the long run.

Types of Minibars

  • GLOW Series: Thanks to its elegant design, the door has a glossy methacrylate finish that highlights its beauty by reflecting light, giving it an exceptional visual appeal. In addition, it ensures completely silent operation and optimal energy efficiency.
  • NATURE Series: It is distinguished by its completely silent operation, in addition, its glass door offers a clear view of the products stored inside.
  • SILENCE Series: It is recognized for its wide range of functionalities, they are totally silent, certified with category G for energy efficiency, which ensures low energy consumption. In addition, their 304 stainless steel finish gives them high resistance.
  • WINTER Series: The outstanding energy efficiency of the Winter minibars means considerable savings for the hotel, they are distinguished by their totally silent operation, with interior lighting by energy-saving LEDs.
  • WINTER GLASS Series: Remarkable energy efficient, they are completely silent and their design allows the stored products to always be visible to the guest.
  • ALASKA Series: Quiet operation, sleek design, energy-efficient LED interior lighting, height-adjustable trays allow for personalized organization of contents, while the reversible door offers greater flexibility.
  • GLACIAR Series: The outstanding cooling power and the inclusion of a freezer make this product an exceptional choice. In addition, its sleek and functional design adds a touch of distinction.
  • GLACIAR GLASS Series: High cooling power and glass door, as well as being an energy-efficient appliance.

Energy saving in hotels is not only an environmentally responsible practice, but also an economically smart strategy. If you are looking for sustainable appliances or equipment for your hotel, do not hesitate to contact us.